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 Silent Hill Overview

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PostSubject: Silent Hill Overview   Silent Hill Overview EmptyFri Feb 04, 2011 9:27 pm

Silent Hill is a survival horror video game franchise, developed and published by Konami. In the series, the player takes control of an "everyman" protagonist traversing through the decrepit and nightmare infested remains of the town of Silent Hill. Typically, the storyline unravels a psychological repression regarding the cast of characters along with the tainted history regarding the eponymous town.

The first four games in the series were created by Team Silent, a development staff within Konami, which has since disbanded. Subsequent titles have been created by other developers: Silent Hill: Origins and the reimagined Silent Hill: Shattered Memories by Climax Group, Silent Hill Homecoming by Double Helix Games, and Silent Hill: Downpour is currently under development by Czech Republic-based studios Vatra Games. There is also a series of comics, books, and novelizations based on the series. A film adaptation loosely based on the original game was released in 2006 directed by Christophe Gans. A second film, Silent Hill: Revelation 3D is currently in pre-production.

Since Silent Hill came out, there has been something of a dividing line between fans of RE and fans of SH. I tend to side with RE, as I have never been the biggest fan of this franchise. While I think it is important to at least familiarize yourself with this franchise, the latest installment for the Wii was total garbage in my opinion. Do yourself a service and try either the first or second game in the series.

Here is the wiki:

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Silent Hill Overview
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